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Dear Readers!


Thank you very kindly for your patience! The ebook Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family has been published and is available on Amazon. To order a copy, please click the appropriate link for your country.



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Additionally, dear readers, once you've read the book, may I ask you for a favour? The situation of a self-publisher is described in some detail under "Press articles." We self-publishers have a major problem with advertising, with getting our work known to a broad public. For a self-publisher, the most effective, and therefore helpful, advertising are commentaries about his book in Amazon. Would you please be so kind and write a short commentary? Even one sentence is enough! Just what you liked about the book; or disliked, or what you think is missing, or what could be made better ... just a few words, a simple commentary. Life is simple! It is the simple things in life that make us happy...!






The news is all good!


For quite a while now my books are in the process of being translated into English. It is done by Susanne Garmsen, Victoria, BC, a professional translator; and I am absolutely thrilled by her translation. The books will come out in English just wonderful! As it looks like, the first one will be published as an ebook in June 2017 under the title: Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family (ISBN 978-0-9865536-5-3). The second one will follow 2018 under the title: Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family Opinions, Thoughts, My Life (ISBN 978-0-9865536-6-0).


This website has also been expanded; now it is published in English, too. However, since the English version has been added just recently, it is recommended to refresh the pages each time when logging in so the website is updated to reflect the most recent changes.


Some info about the books.


First of all, both ebooks have, as a base, the same content as the printed books. However, they are supplemented and revised, and two more stories were added: "The Farm" and "Trapper". Additionally, I added 23 of my poems that are very dear to my heart inspired by special fotos very dear to my heart, too... The (German) ebook Kanada Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers, with 269 pages, contains the complete part of our family life over 20 years on different homesteads (farms) in the beautiful wilderness Canada's. It is this book, with the English title Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family, that is now being translated and scheduled for publishing in June 2017.


Therefore, not included in this book are, for example: the story of my life, thoughts about political, economic, energy (political) issues, my experience in, and/or opinion about Russia (I've been over 20 times in St. Petersburg, Russia), Ukraine, Iran (I've also been repeatedly in Iran), and more...


All of that, (as well as much more of course!), is included in the second (German) ebook Kanada Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers Ansichten, Gedanken, Mein Leben, with 376 pages. This book, too, is supplemented and revised, especially with regard to the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Particularly the Ukraine is a good example for the problems of our times as well as it is a good example for showing the solution for the problem.


The reader has two ebooks to choose from.


The first one:


Kanada Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers, or soon to be the English version Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family.


Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, editor in chief of "Echo Germanica", Toronto, wrote:

"What he experienced and learned is now documented in his book, which many people will appreciate and enjoy. For the adventurist, dreamer and those who want to become one, it is a practical handbook, for students of any age a fascinating textbook, and for anyone who wants to read something entertaining out of real life, this book is an outright tempting read."


I'd like to emphasize that this book is ideally suited, and recommended, for children.


The book is very interesting in general since its subject is a most beautiful country with its most beautiful and pristine nature. It is about farm animals, animal husbandry, wild animals, about the pristine wilderness. It awakes an interest in the wonderful nature, in a life with and within nature, it fosters a natural attachment to it; it shows alternatives and values.


In fact, this book should be used by schools all over the world! to study and enhance the English language as well as to show and foster a kind and environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is ideally suited for rural populations, were the connection to the land is strong, where there is an active rural lifestyle, whether in Southamerica, in Africa, China, India or Asia in short: on every continent.


I also try to bridge the gap between, for example, "pro environment-against hunting/trapping" groups on one side, and "pro hunting/trapping-sceptical about environmental protection" groups on the other side. This is done by bringing up again and again the ethical aspects of farming, animal husbandry, hunting, fishing etc. I believe I can explain how it really is, since I've been, in practise, a farmer, an angler, an environmentalist, a hunter, a trapper... Only this much here: hunting can never be a sport! All animals and all of nature must be treated with kindness and must be protected. We all should unite to protect our beautiful earth we are all in one boat!


All of this is woven into the book, is the essence of it. However, it is not directly written, like "you must do this or that, or don't do this or that..." It is rather demonstrated by the life of the family as homesteaders, and by the opinions and thoughts expressed.


As a matter of fact, this book is also a wonderful advertisement for Canada (!) since it portrays the beauty of the land in all its glory. Tourism Canada should actually use it to propagate the attractions of Canada's beautiful nature as suggested by Robert Oriwol, Deutsche Presse, Toronto, in his article about the book (see "Press articles").


It goes without saying that the book is a wonderful and helpful! read for everybody of any age. However, since my mother is selling books mainly to nursing homes (by phone, in very limited amounts, my mother is 90!), I can attest that the book is also very much liked by the elderly. It is used by caregivers for reading to the seniors; because the book is generally positive, overall optimistic, it revives memories it lifts the spirit. It is also an excellent choice for reading to the blind: because of the rich and detailed descriptions of the beautiful landscapes etc.


A few years ago I was in Prince George, British Columbia, at a fair. There I got into a conversation with a First Nations lady. It did not take long and we were talking about my book. So, naturally, she wanted to see it. I  got a copy from my car and showed it to her. Immediately her face brightened up; she was delighted! Memories came up about how she grew up, about her youth... She could relate to pretty well everything in the book. Mind you, this was only based on the fotos she saw, since the book was in German language. She suggested to have the book translated and she would be the first one to buy a copy.


Now, this experience was of course balsam to my soul! And thinking more about it I came to the conclusion that my book would be ideally suited to the First Nations.


It describes trapping and hunting how it really is. With ethical values such as treating wildlife and nature with kindness and respect. It urges the protection of it.  It shows that hunting and trapping is a very normal form of living off the land, like farming and homesteading not more and not less; therefore, living off the land through hunting and trapping is completely accepted. And therefore, respectively, First Nation's lifestyle is completely accepted. Furthermore, my book has environmental values all through it. This also goes along with First Nations, who more and more are in the forefront of environmental protection and awareness. And last but not least, the lifestyle of the family in the book is a very modest one, and that, too, relates to many First Nations families. I am convinced First Nations people will like my book; but even more so, and here again: it is especially well suited for, and has a positive influence on, children.



The second book:


Kanada Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers Ansichten, Gedanken, Mein Leben, or the English version scheduled for publishing 2018, Canada An Immigrant Homesteader Family Opinions, Thoughts, My Life.


As far as the Canada-content is concerned, it is the same as in the first book. But of course there is much more. There is the author's biography, how everything started, why moving to and living in the wilderness Canada's? and how his life progressed until today. Additionally there are the author's thoughts and opinions expressed: about countries like Iran, Russia, Ukraine about the crisis in Ukraine and about the root of it. It is about a range of topics affecting everybody, like politics, social issues, guaranteed income, economy, Europe, about energy: one of the most important topics of all.


We ask ourselves: what do all those problem issues have to do with the beautiful wilderness Canada's?

Well, the answer is simple:  If we cannot find a solution for today's pressing problems, then there will be not much left even from Canada's beautiful wilderness at least not for us human beings! So the second book is showing on one hand the beautiful nature, in this case the beautiful wilderness Canada's but on the other hand it shows the threat to it what the root cause of that threat is, and what therefore must be done to eliminate that threat.


Of course there is much more in the book, one has to read it themselves; just so much for here and today. We enjoy so much, we enjoy so much what our planet earth is giving us. We use and take a lot! But we also have a responsibility, a big responsibility! and that's why there is the beauty and glorious together with the problems and threats in one book. To be reminded and to be encouraged to finally act!


Enjoy reading!





P.S.: A word of caution to the translation of the second book seems to be appropriate. The second book contains opinions about politics. Politics these days are very volatile and sometimes changing by the day. This presents a problem for a book, a book that is oriented long term. An example: For 35 years I was voting for the German Green Party. This I cannot do anymore, because of the German Greens' pro war stance and their support of continued NATO advancement against Russia, a nuclear power. The German Greens changed from a strictly pro peace party to a pro war party! But an opinion that was right 5 years ago, and was written then, cannot be changed in a printed book, as is the case now in the printed version (as well to some extent (it is revised and supplemented) in the corresponding German ebook). Therefore, the ebook translation scheduled for publishing 2018 must be edited to reflect any changes that occured; or it may concentrate solely on long term general issues and may leave out the volatile (politics) ones altogether (they are not that many). Will see. But that's why it will take until 2018 for the second ebook to be published. So or so, what is already guaranteed: It will be a very interesting book!





I am looking for a sponsor, philanthropist, a charity or foundation, to make the books available to hospitals, doctor's offices, the Crohn's and Colitis Foundations, to native communities, treatment centres, libraries and schools etc. to make the German and English editions available to schools worldwide: as an interesting reading/learning material with values.








Thomas Edmund Mueller


Erlebnisse, Ansichten, Gedanken, Mein Leben


Hardcover, 10x10 inches (24x24 cm), 376 pages.

With over 140 personal, authentic, large fotos.

A beautiful, special and exceptional book

that is, however, not without controversy!


ISBN 978-0-9865536-1-5










Thomas Edmund Mueller


Kanada Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers


Hardcover, 10x10 inches (24x24 cm), 182 pages.

With over 75 personal, authentic, large fotos.

A beautiful, special and exceptional book.


ISBN  978-0-9865536-0-8






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