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Mrs. A.:

"... You provided me a great pleasure with your book; it is an accomplished lifework. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best for your future journey; and that you will be able to pass on your wealth of life experience, and all you experienced with and through nature."

With kind regards

An Amazon (Canada) customer:

Absorbing Book about One European Living in Harmony with Nature in the Canadian Wilderness

This is a book about the German author's life in Canada, leading the so-called simple life farming in the countryside. Filled with beautiful poetry, photos AND text, this is a remarkable book that's pleasing to read and refreshes the spirit. It's obvious that the author has a gentle soul and a sustained positive outlook, despite the hardships he had to survive. It will appear in English soon so that more people can enjoy and benefit his uplifting story!

Mrs. N.:

Dear Mrs. Heinzinger (my mother),

I received your son's book and thank you very much. By glancing through and reading a few pages I am positively surprised. There is a lot of warmth and personal feelings in the text. I am very happy with the book and will read it soon (right at the moment I don't have the time). I included two copies of our internal newspaper, so that by reading through them you'll get an idea about what our house is and what we do. I wish you all the best, strength, energy, and all of god's blessings so you can sell many more books.

Comment of a guardian in a home for the blind:

"I read from the book to our blind. They were so elated, and said: The author describes everything in such a rich and beautiful manner, that we can truly imagine how it is."

Two comments from caregivers in nursing homes:

"When I, as individual caregiver, walk into the room with the Canada-book in hand, my patient is all smiles."

"When I walk into the room to read to my group, everyone is asking: do you have the Canada-book with you?"



Mr. R.:


The book Kanada — Erlebnisse eines (Aus-) Wanderers has finally arrived (after waiting unpatiently). We read it already und enjoyed it very much. Thanks for everything. We hope you are in good health. The fact that you achieved so much despite suffering from Crohn's disease is a major encouragement for our granddaughter; she's got the same illness.


Thanks again and all the best!


Mr. B.:

With great compassion and interest did I read your book. It is a very personal and moving book and I agree when you write that it shows different perspectives and conveys values especially for young people; in contrast to our extremely materialistic world. I was most impressed by the last chapter about the construction of that wonderful log home...




High Thomas!


During a train trip from here to Lüneburg, I had some time to while away with your book, really fascinating and inspiring how you lived the dream that many Germans have of wild and endless-nature Canada. Love the positive, everything-usually-works-out-fine attitude to life! Couldn't agree more with your sentiment in your story! Keep in touch!


Regards and keep well.






Hello Thomas,


your book is fantastic and I can definitely recommend it for everyone. It is a new category of a book! A life dream of every stressed out German. Your life story is an adventure, a novel, a manual for life as well as for building a log house — and the best of it is your rich and vivid describtion of nature! When reading, one feels as an observer and compagnion — achieved through the authenticity of your life story. When having read your book one wants nothing but to live the same kind of life in Canada...


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