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Book excerpts

It is nearly impossible to come up with an optimal selection of book excerpts.


Are there too many: the reader may get the feeling he already knows the complete book. Are there too few: it is difficult for the reader to get an idea what the book is about. A dilemma!


This is especially true with my books, particularly with the second book "... Ansichten, Gedanken ...", since there are so many different topics dealt with topics, however, everybody should get informed about, i.e. read about. It is not necessary, nor is it even wanted!, to outrightly copy someone else's opinions but it never hurts to know them. There may always be something effecting a change in one's opinion or not. If not, then one's own opinion will be even stronger for it. That's good, too. In any case: one can only win!


In many ebooks, as well as in mine, one can read from the beginning for a number of pages into the book. However unfortunately, in the Amazon preview those pages cannot be displayed exactly as they will be shown in the proper Kindle-for-PC app or in the Kindle reader devices. This is particularly true for pictures, fonts, poems, and the design overall. The preview is thus nothing more than: a preview! It is lacking the quality of the appropriate app (computer) or devices (Kindle readers). Additionally, a book never ends as it begins! And there is so much inbetween. Quite often, a considerable part of the meaning of a book is woven into it through all of its pages, and therefore comes out by the sum of all of its pages. Accordingly, the first few pages cannot possibly give the reader enough of an idea what the book is about... For that reason (among others) I don't consider it to be wise to read maybe 10 or 20 pages of a book, any book, and then already, based on having read just those few pages, to decide whether you want to buy it, and read all of it. My opinion is: If a book, in itself, is of general interest, then one should buy it, and read it. At least, that's how I always did it and I never had to regret it.


Some thoughts about the price of my book, mainly about my ebook, but also about prices of books in general. Well, the ebook doesn't cost more than... yes, you can believe your eyes, it is no mirage, the ebook doesn't cost more than the equivalent of... 4 (four) cups of coffee! Four little cups of coffee! For the equivalent of only four cups of coffee you receive a book that was in work for years, that contains a wealth of knowledge, a book that you have for all of your life, a book that offers experience, ideas, encouragement, fun, entertainment, relaxation and much more. Even the next generations will benefit from it! It is forever! And such a book doesn't cost more than 4 (four) little cups of coffee! which are consumed in no time at all, maybe in an hour? and never to be seen again. It is mindboggling how inexpensive books really are compared to their value. A book is one of the best investments ever ever to be had in the past, to have in the present, and it will be in the future. Enjoy reading!


Below are a few excerpts, showing the design free from potential distortions of the previews. The first three are from the ebooks using Kindle-for-PC. The next two excerpts are from the print edition "Ansichten, Gedanken..." as well as its Table of Contents.


Von Ost nach West

British Columbia - Die Kootenays






Mein Heimatdorf






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