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Press articles

Here now a few articles about me and my books.


As with almost all things in life, there too are positives and negatives. I start with the negative, then proceed to the positive; that way I can continue from the positive to the press articles, making sure the articles are not tainted, are as far removed from any negativity as possible, aren't seen as being connected to it — which they are not, of course.


Every author, after years of hard work and absolute dedication, finally gets his work finished (and very proudly so, I assume) and will then try his best to make it public. And so did I. More then 30 books I sent to various large German newspapers asking for a recension, a review, an article etc. The result? Nothing! Not even a short e-mail...


In the meantime, I read in a website for self-publishers that it is basic policy of the Main Stream Media not to even mention any self-published work. That looks like marginalization? I guess, it is. But ok, well, then we self-publishers have to exclusively rely on ourselves (and on you, dear reader!). Nevertheless, as far as this self-publisher is concerned: if this is the way it is, so be it. It will not affect the idealist...!


I also sent three books to a German political party and two well known German politicians. The result was the same as with the newspapers. Not even an e-mail as an answer. One can say, those people are busy... But so busy? So busy one cannot possibly be, in my opinion, to not being able sending just a few words of acknowledgement. No, what's missing here is a sense of decency and politeness. That's what it is — just an absence of a normal sense of decency and politeness by those newspapers and public figures (politicians).


However, there were also many positive experiences — like German local publications or the German-Canadian (German-American) newspapers in Canada and the US. Those were open-minded towards me and were couragious enough to write about an unknown author and his books. I'd like to express my most sincere thanks to those open-minded and tolerant publishers!


Just as much I would like to thank Elizabeth May, an author herself as well as Member of Parliament in Ottawa for the Green Party of Canada. I sent her a book too, even so it is in German language. And? Well, yes, you may have guessed it, a sense of decency and politeness for sure was not missing here. I received a thank you letter (not just an e-mail) on an official (royal!) letterhead and the note that acquaintances speaking German will read it and inform her about the content... Understandably: I was delighted! And again: thank you very much, Elizabeth May!



"Kinzigtal-Nachrichten", Fulda



"Hanauer Anzeiger", Hanau

"Bad Orber Blättche", Bad Orb



"Gelnhäuser Tageblatt", Gelnhausen





"German-American Journal"


Official publication of the German American National Congress


Review by: Sarah Nadler


Chicago, USA




Balsam für die Seele des Autors


ist es, wenn Auszüge seines Buches ("Die Pilze") in einer kleinen, aber feinen Zeitung wie


"Die kleine Zeitung mit Herz"


veröffentlicht werden.


Herausgeberin: Krista Liebe

Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada





Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Chefredakteurin


Trägerin zahlreicher journalistischer Preise und Auszeichnungen


"Echo Germanica", Toronto, Canada






"Deutsche Presse", Toronto, Canada




"Gelnhäuser Tageblatt", Gelnhausen


"Bad Orber Blättche", Bad Orb


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